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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am involved in such a crazy love-hate relationship with food these days.

Here’s the thing: I’ve rarely met a food I didn’t like. I love looking at recipes and, when I’m not feeling overly lazy, I even love cooking. And oh how I love, love, LOVE the eating itself! I don’t only love foods that are “bad” for me, I can also get myself pretty worked up over vegetables and grilled fish and whole grains. I can eat just about anything and enjoy it.

That’s the love part of this relationship; the hate part requires no explanation, right?

So with my totally open attitude about food, why do I always convince myself that the “right” food isn’t going to satisfy me?

I have been doing so well for the last two weeks and am on my eleventh day sugar-free and my sixth without white flour. I was hoping to have enough of a weight drop this week so that I could go back to Weight Watchers on Saturday without too much embarrassment.

Then my son called me today and asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him (and pay for it, of course). So since I don’t really get to see him too much these days, I agreed to go and planned how I would have a Greek salad with grilled chicken and skip the pita bread on the side.

We had lunch a little later than I normally eat and I was feeling pretty hungry. I opened the menu (mistake number 1) and suddenly the Greek salad didn't sound very substantial and all my good intentions went flying out the window. Everything looked fantastic and the drooling started immediately.

I ordered a salad, and it was anything but low-cal. It was a lovely fried chicken salad with cheese and bacon and the ranch dressing NOT on the side. And I ate every last delicious bite of it. And half of the pita bread. Back to Day 1 on the white flour ban. Sigh.

I do this kind of thing all the time. I don’t have any problems with control at home, but restaurants are a totally different story.

All in all, I guess it wasn’t the worst thing I could have done (the bacon cheeseburger and fries looked mighty appealing as well), but it certainly wasn’t the best. So I guess I’ll just do double time on the treadmill tonight, then put this behind me and move on.

And stay out of restaurants.


Melissa S. said...

Self-sabotage, ain't it the worst?? I am so glad I didn't go with you, I know that melt would have had my name all over. I binged today...on greek yogurt and granola. Trust me, I was looking for something unhealthy but I did't have anything. I saved myself I suppose!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Good for you! I try not to have too much junk in the house but, well, you know...

Do you want to know the worst part? He told me he was going to cancel because something he was planning to do in the afternoon fell through...but he didn't want to back out on me.