The sad truth

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When it comes to analyzing statistical data, I am no whiz. I have been known to add two and two together and come up with seventeen. But sometimes the patterns in the data are so clear that even I can see it.

While looking back on two years worth of information I've recorded in my food journal, I’ve discovered two things.

First, I realized this ten pound weight gain is not something that happened relatively recently; it has been hanging around for about a year and a half. Once it originally went up, I got stuck there. It hasn’t gone up further and it certainly hasn’t gone done – it’s been almost exactly the same.

So what happened 18 months ago that changed everything? I pray I am wrong, but I am afraid I have figured it out. You see, I used to eat yogurt and Fiber One every single morning for breakfast. Once I convinced myself to try it, I found it wasn’t as gross as it sounded and I was addicted. And then, about a year and a half ago, (discovery number 2), I relegated the yogurt and Fiber One to an afternoon snack and began my love affair with oatmeal.

You wouldn’t think this would make too much of a difference. Calorie-wise they are about the same (150 for the oatmeal vs. 120 for the yogurt and Fiber One). What I didn’t count on was the very real possibility that the Quaker Oats Company puts crack in their oatmeal.

I began craving it. I would have it for breakfast, of course, but then I started having it for dinner, too. On the weekends, I would also have it for lunch. If I felt like a snack? MORE oatmeal! In my opinion, it was the perfect food. It took two minutes to make and there was just something so warm and comforting about it. And then I started doubling the portion size and adding a banana and some Splenda brown sugar. So delicious! And healthy!

When I first thought that oatmeal might be the culprit, I didn’t want to believe it, so I ignored that nagging inner voice that kept trying to convince me to lose the oatmeal.

Then I read an article about how a gluten sensitivity could impede your weight loss progress. Oatmeal contains gluten! So that must be it, right? Not my fault! I already have other minor food sensitivities which my doctor tells me can cause you to develop others. So I briefly tried to delude myself into thinking maybe there’s something to that.

But, if I were to be totally honest about it, I’m sure it’s much more likely that my problem lies in eating it so freakin’ OFTEN – to the exclusion of all else. Not exactly a balanced diet, right?

The data is fairly screaming at me that the time has come to cut back on the oatmeal and start eating like a grown-up again. I’m just afraid it might require an oatmeal intervention.


midlife mommy said...

Yep. I know the feeling. I am now hooked on Melba toast of all things.

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Melba toast is also good stuff. Especially with Laughing Cow cheese.

Melissa S. said...

I am addicted to laughing cow cheese on celery sticks...mmm...

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Now to continue this line of thought, we have to find someone who is addicted to celery sticks and ... LOL