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Sunday, October 26, 2008

It’s funny how life goes around in circles. And how some things just never seem to end. Just about the time we were thinking about how great it was that we didn’t have to deal with the kids’ school fundraisers anymore, we started getting the sales pitch from the grandchildren.

As a grandparent, it is your obligation to ensure your order is the biggest one the kid gets. It’s an unwritten rule of grandparenting.

I struggle mightily trying to find something I can order that’s not food. And, trust me, it IS a struggle. All that overpriced chocolate looks fantastic and I live for that caramel corn crap with the nuts in it. Kind of like upscale Cracker Jacks, but with better caramel and pricier nuts.

Anyway, this year while I was perusing the offerings, I came across an egg separator. Now I actually need one of these. I had a pretty cool one but, like most of my stuff, I have no idea where it is. So I ordered it. Not very high-tech looking, but cute, right? And I assume it will do the job.

Here’s the problem: The egg white comes out of the freakin’ beak. As if egg whites don’t conjure up enough thoughts of snot. Gross.

There are literally hundreds of different styles of egg separators out there, so I think I’ll find another one that doesn’t make me queasy.

Like this one:

Or this one:

Or even this one, for pete’s sake:

And, seriously, what kind of person buys something like this:

On the subject of egg products, though, I came across this handy dandy egg peeler. I hate peeling a hard boiled egg. With this gadget, you just stick the hard boiled egg up in your faucet, turn on the water and blow the egg out of the shell. Looks goofy. I think I’ll buy one.

And here’s a really popular item. Men seem to love it. Make your own Egg McMuffin. My 22-year old son is dying to have one of these and I think Mr. Jelly Belly would like it, too. They love the Egg McMuffins. Sounds kind of dumb, but it has really got to cut the fat content way down from the McDonald’s version.

Speaking of the egg, did you know that the egg is the only food that is a natural source of vitamin D? And an average egg contains only 74 calories (77 if it’s hardboiled – isn’t that odd?)

Eggs contain the highest quality protein around. They are an important dietary source of both lutein and zeaxanthin, important antioxidants that play an vital role in reducing the risk of serious eye disease.

Eggs contain Choline, which is necessary for healthy cell membranes in all of your body. Choline also regulates homocysteine levels (high levels of homocysteine has been linked to coronary heart disease, strokes,dementia in later life, diabetes, osteoporosis and pregnancy problems). Choline has also been to linked with preserving memory.

Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids, making them a complete protein food.

So separate ‘em, or hard boil ‘em, or Egg McMuffin ‘em. Just get some in – they’re good for you!

PS: Please accept my apologies for the crappy spacing on this post. Blogger gives me absolute FITS when it comes to posting pictures and I am too frustrated now to keep trying to fix it...


Jenn said...

That is exactly why I always center my pictures instead of putting them to the left or right. I love eggs and since I only just woke up I think I will have an omelette for breakfast. Thanks for the idea!


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Thanks for the tip, Jenn. I'll try that next time. Although I don't hold out much hope. :)

Melissa S. said...

Nurse Melissa has to chime in on this one - while eggs are a great source of protein,vitamins, and minerals they are extremely high in cholesterol. One egg has roughly 70-75% of your recommended daily intake of cholesterol. So enjoy in moderation.

P.s.- if you don't want that chicken thing, pass it along to your favorite niece!

GroundedFitness said...

ugh, that nose one is sick.

i like the little chickie, though!

Kelly Turner

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Here are the cholesterol facts:

"One large egg has about 213 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol — all of which is found in the yolk. If you are healthy, it's recommended that you limit your dietary cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg a day. If you have cardiovascular disease, diabetes or high LDL (or "bad") cholesterol, you should limit your dietary cholesterol intake to less than 200 mg a day. Therefore, if you eat an egg on a given day, it's important to limit or avoid other sources of cholesterol for the rest of that day."

The cholesterol is all in the yolk; the white contains none - hence the need for the egg separator. LOL

Cyndi said...

I love the egg-white-vomiting chicken. :) I am craving scrambled eggs now.

Tanya said...

Lol, that nose guy separater is great. Aren't those fundraisers dumb? The only good stuff is the chocolate, so you're almost forced to order it and eat the whole dang box!

Great post again!

MaRyA said...

hahaha the nose thing is hilarious! but for convenience sake Id love one of these!