Just for fun on the last day of that &*$@#^! NaBloPoMo

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Believe it or not, I actually have a real post written and ready to go, but I thought I would ride out this awful, awful NaBloPoMo with something I thought looked fun.

Perhaps you've seen it. You're supposed to be tagged for it, but what the heck. I figured I'd do it anyway. The idea is to pull out the sixth picture from the sixth folder on your computer and post it. Of course, first I checked to make sure that picture wasn't too embarassing or anything. Turns out it's one of my favorites. And about three years old.

That's my oldest grandson who spent that particular afternoon telling me to "take a picture of me doing THIS" and "THIS" and "THIS". About 100 pictures of him making odd facial expressions and contorting his little body. All because he loved to run back and look at the digital display the very second the picture was taken.

So if you haven't got a final post to end this dang thing with, why don't you try it? (And what do you want to bet that blog posting will be VERY LIGHT tomorrow?)


MomToTwo said...

Whoo Hooo! Way to go! I honestly can't believe that we made it. Well, I can believe that you did, but I had doubts about me. Love the blog and can't wait to read more. Up for January? Ha ha ha!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Oh, what a funny, funny girl. You know, now that I don't HAVE to post, I have a zillion things I want to talk about.