Things I wish I could afford: Skybar Wine System

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I rarely drink wine. And by rarely I mean once every couple of years. But if I had an extra $999 in spare change lying around and didn’t know what to do with it, I would totally buy myself a Skybar Wine System. AND take up serious wine drinking. In fact, I’d become a wino.

How cool is this?

It holds three different bottles that can all be chilled at separate temperatures. Because I guess temperature is important to a wine-type person. Chill, store and serve all in one unit.

If you get one, let me know. And invite me over. Please. The only way I am ever going to see one of these things in my house is if it can be rigged for beer. Then Mr. Jelly Belly will think it’s worth the investment.

But, if you have a wine lover on your Christmas list (and I do) but you don’t love them enough to drop a grand on their gift (and I don’t), here’s something kind of high-techy and a lot more affordable: An electric wine opener. Toss your corkscrew; you won’t need it.

This rechargeable gadget snaps your cork out in mere seconds with just the touch of a button. And it will open thirty bottles on one charge. For some of you (and I’m not mentioning any names) that’s a whole weekend of wine drinking without having to stop to recharge.

Best part? Only $19.95. And I love everyone on my list at least that much.


Cyndi said...

I am so getting that. (The $19.95 one, not the $1K one.)

midlife mommy said...

Wow. An electric opener. So much better than my rabbit thing. Which actually requires a little effort.