What a difference a day makes

Friday, November 28, 2008

Okay, so yesterday I was appropriately grateful and thankful and all that stuff. Truly I was. But today? Today I am just PISSED. About several things.

First, I have to work today. On the plus side, traffic was light, hardly anyone is here and we got a rare casual day, so I’m hanging out in jeans and tennis shoes. But still. It was just too hard getting out of bed this morning.

Last Sunday I bought a pair of pants at Penney’s on sale for $14.95. So, cool. I’m always happy to get a pair of pants that fit right and aren’t expensive. I take them home, cut all the tags off, throw them in the washer and then the dryer. And then the dryer again, because I didn’t get them out fast enough the first time - and I don’t do ironing. Anyway. I went to put them on yesterday and find one of those annoying round, ink-filled security tags stuck to one of the legs.

So now, because of their incompetence, I have to fight the freaking crazy holiday shopping crowds, stand in a long-ass line and pray they will remove the tag without a hassle. Because of course I threw out the receipt. And why the hell do you need a security tag on a pair of pants that cost less than $15? I keep imagining what would have happened to my washer and/or dryer if that thing had exploded.

Then Mr. Jelly Belly called me this morning to tell me that an electronic check for $39.99 was put through (in my name) to our old bank account. Where there is no money. (I don’t KNOW why that account wasn’t closed, so don’t ask me.) He was trying to look at the check online to see who put it through, but couldn’t make it out so he called me to ask what it was. I have no idea. Add a $36 bounced check charge to my list of things that piss me off. So, again, we have to find the time to deal with the bank and find out where this came from, try to prove it wasn’t authorized and get them to reverse the charges. Unfortunately, when it comes to banks, the customer is never right, so I anticipate a long, tedious process that I don't have the time or energy for.

And, finally, I’m pissed that I used my See Sue Bitch picture last week. I really need it today.

So enough of the complaining.

My holiday was really good. We went OUT to overeat, which is always much less work and headache. Plus I didn’t have to "company clean" the house. How was yours?


Cyndi said...

Feel better now? :) I hope you got your tag removed with a minimum of hassle.

midlife mommy said...

What sucky day.

Going out to dinner is the best way to go. Second best is getting a gourmet carry-out Thanksgiving dinner, though you still have the clean up, which I can't stand either.