Dirty foods

Thursday, January 8, 2009

There was a headline article on Yahoo! last week that listed the five dirtiest foods. More fuel for the germ hysteria in this country. Eggs, peaches, pre-bagged salad, cantaloupe and scallions. Not really surprising when you think about it, but thinking about it was where I was just a little lax.

Triple-washed, pre-bagged salad needs to be WASHED? I honestly did not know. The only reason I spend the extra money on the pre-bagged stuff is so that I DON’T HAVE TO WASH IT. I’m lazy like that. And who knew the outside of cantaloupe should be washed so you don’t drag the disgusting germs from the outside onto your freshly cut fruit?

I’m just not going to worry all that much about my cantaloupe. I’ve been eating it for a good many years now and have had nary a problem. But I had to give pause when one of the commenters mentioned LEMONS as being a filthy addition to your restaurant/bar drinks. They roll on the floor, sit next to raw meat on counters, get touched by dirty hands and on and on - and THEN they are cut up and thrown into your drink.

I’m an iced tea drinker, so this information kind of gave me pause. And a little nausea. And I resolved to never have a lemon in any drink again. Until the very next day a waitress asked if I would like lemon in my tea. “Yes, please,” I said. So much for resolve. And I drank the tea and didn’t get sick. Or die, even.

Huh. Guess my love of the lemon overrides my fear of dirt.


midlife mommy said...

I'd heard about the lemons, but not the rest.

Hmmm. I guess the safest thing to do is . . . not cook! Check.

Bonnie said...

My boys saw that about lemons on some kids science show on PBS. Every time I order water or tea they freak out when it comes with a lemon. I had NO idea about the salad!!!

MizFit said...

Id missed the article entirely.

**plunges head back into sand**

Tanya said...

Oh gross, I eat most of those. Eggs? I hate thinking about that kind of thing.

Bagged salads have always made me wonder. Now I'm grossed out at the thought of it. Fresh for me from now on!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Oh and I should mention that another lemony article I read said that hasn't been even one case of an illness caused by a dirty lemon. So no need to panic, really.

PLUS I just finished eating a salad made from pre-bagged, triple washed lettuce and I DIDN'T WASH IT. So there.

Cyndi said...

Ron and I saw a news feature on the lemons, and I just can't have lemon in my tea at restaurants. Just can't do it. We eat unwashed bagged salad all the time, though. Living on the edge!