Gummy Vitamins for Adults

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last week our youngest daughter (age 21) called from school to say she was sick. Again. She couldn’t figure out why it kept happening. Since she works nights and goes to school during the day, I am sure it has to do with a combination of lack of sleep and poor eating habits. She said both of those things were definitely true, so I suggested she start taking a multi-vitamin, which I thought might help at least with the poor eating aspect of her problem.

Anyway, two days later, on the weekend, she calls while we are, coincidentally, in Target and says she wants to come home to spend the night. She is feeling even worse and her roommate is making it impossible for her to get any sleep. We say fine and I head over to the vitamin aisle - because her call reminded me that I had promised to pick her up some.

And that’s where I spotted it. Gummy Vitamins for Adults. How perfect is this? I try to decide whether she will think this is goofy or fun and decide “fun”. Plus I think she will be more likely to take them if she isn’t trying to choke them down. You know how huge multi-vitamins can be. So I bought her a bottle of the multi-vitamins and a bottle of Vitamin C and the total price was still less than the first bottle of multi’s I had originally picked up.

Her verdict? She LOVES them. She is afraid she will be tempted to take too many because they taste so good. She had to hide them when she went back to school. When her friends spot them, they say, “Oh! Can I have one of your vitamins?” I’ll bet that never happens with a One-A-Day.

(Since she had never taken a vitamin before, perhaps I should have thought to warn her to expect the odd-colored urine. She called in a panic the next day, thinking the yellow-orange color was somehow related to her illness.)

If you’re looking for a multi-vitamin, for yourself, for teen-aged children, or for anyone who might experience difficulty swallowing, look for them. I think you’ll love them.


Bonnie said...

GREAT idea! I had not seen these for adults. Do you think the %RDA is about the same?


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Bonnie - Yes, it is. I compared it to the One-A-Days I was looking at and they were very similar.

Camevil said...

Oooh. I want some of those. Much easier to take than the chalky horse pills I usually take.

Do they make your pee just as colorful? Couldn't be any worse than the chartreuse produced by my B-100 pills.

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Cam - expect bright orange. The combination of that with what you are taking now could be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

What a nice mom thing to do.

I'll have to try the gummy v's sometime.

I'm a fellow SITS welcome wagoneer so I just wanted to say HI and introduce myself.

Jen said...

Well make something jelly and its good, I guess.

~ a fellow welcome wagon SITSta just saying hello.

Nana said...

Hey, they look great. I hope she is feeling better.

Brandy said...

Okay I definitely need these. I just started taking a multi-vitamin 2 weeks ago and they are SO BIG. Too big really.

~It's nice to meet another Welcomista!~

Rachael said...

great idea, i will have to get these for my 13 year old!

just saying hello to a fellow welcomista~

I am Harriet said...

Great tip!

Kas said...

I take a horse-pill of a multi vitamin, but I'm now interested in these!

I notice a DRASTIC change in my health when I've missed a week or more of them. I'm so horrible about taking them!

I hope your daughter is feeling better!