Awww, what a sweet award...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well, I’ve been blessed in the last few weeks with several blog awards and, since I really didn’t quite know what to do with them, I’ve been sitting on them. For too long. But I discovered while I’ve got these undone things hanging over my head, I feel too guilty to move on. So I’m going to work backwards and try to make sure I get them all done.

Blog awards are Hard Work. They all seem to want me to do or list seven things. Is seven a magic number in blog award land? What if I can only think of five? Do I have to return the award? I don’t know. I’ve never done this before. If I pass the award on to you, and you can only think of 3 of the 7 things, it’s okay. You may keep my award anyway.

Okay. The Evil One over at Twenty One Days Later bestowed this shitty award upon me:

And do you want to know what makes this award extra shitty? I cannot accept it unless I can come up SEVEN things I like about Camevil. Seven! See what I mean about hard work? Well, let’s get down to it and see if I can come up with all seven. Hold on a sec, I have to pop some pills first….Okay, I’m ready….

1. She takes her weight loss seriously, but doesn’t OBSESS over it. She knows you can lose weight and get in shape while still having fun in life.

2. She’s smart and hip but never makes me feel bad about being strictly squaresville or not so bright. And when I mention oral sex in her comments, she doesn’t Freak Out.

3. She never says mean things about her husband. Even when he deserves it. And they come up with off-the-beaten-path things to do on Valentine’s Day.

4. She does interesting and unusual stuff, like Zombie Walks, on the weekend. In full makeup. And not the kind you get at the Clinique counter.

5. She always posts thoughtful comments, even though I’m sure sometimes she’s got something appropriately snarky rolling around in her brain.

Is that seven yet? No? Okay….

6. Her biceps are rockin’.

7. She’s a hooker with a heart of gold. Oh, wait. She’s not a hooker; she’s an attorney. Eh. Same thing.

And now I get to pass this shit on to two other deserving weight loss bloggers. Are you holding your breath, hoping it’s not you? Well, it IS you, Patty, because you’re so smart and cool and know what you’re talking about. And don’t run away so fast BetteJo; it’s you, too – because even though you might hate it, you’re DOING IT! I love that.

So go forth and sing my praises. Even if you have to make shit up. I won’t mind.

Well, I was going to do more than one today, but that took more out of me than I expected. I’ll pop the rest of them in randomly. When I’m in a nicer mood.

Thank you for this wonderful award, Cam. I shall treasure it always.


kristisummer said...

She is an amazing woman. We need to nominate her for the wittiest comments. I feel so boring in comparison to her lol

Ree said...

#7 made me snort. At least I didn't swallow that mouthful of wine. ;-)

Patty said...

WHAT!?!?!!? There is no way my blog is that shitty!! :-)

Honest to God, I read you post and thought..."finally...I knew there had to be another Patty in this, it's me!" Well, this will be easy for me becasue I can think of a bunch of things I like about you. :-)

(Thanks JB...really!)

MaryRC said...

im so glad i dont have a weight loss blog!! LOL

Housewife Savant said...

This post is shi**y. Congrats for your award.
You KNOW I love your blog.

Camevil's Zombie Walk is awesome.
I want a Zombie Walk.

Bed to coffeepot at 5:00am doesn't count, (although I wouldn't need much makeup for the full effect.)

VRaz60 said...

Very funny. I'm impressed you actually got all 7 reasons thought up. Way to go.

Joy said...

Congrats on that award! ;o)

Together We Save said...

Interesting award. Congrats! :-)