A crappy computer and a doctor's appointment

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whew. Internet Explorer really sucks, eh? For the last two weeks, every time I go into Blogger – either on my blog or yours – about 100 windows start popping up. Then I play “Whack-A-Mole” trying to close them all out while others keep opening up. It’s annoying and time consuming. Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me?

Being old and somewhat resistant to change, I have long refused to switch to Firefox, even though I’ve had it downloaded forever. Finally, even I could see the benefit of using it and I hope everything will be okay now. One window at a time and blogging life looks good again.

So anyone who knows me knows of my hatred distaste for the medical profession in general. I have been jerked around for 23 years with this thyroid issue and nobody seems to know how to fix it. Or wants to spend any time trying to figure out how to fix it. I finally got fed up two years ago after going to a highly-rated holistic MD who did nothing but sell me hundreds of dollars worth of overpriced supplements and hand me a large bill. No improvement in my overall health so I said, “screw them all” and haven’t been to a doctor since. I feel just as bad but at least it’s not costing me any money.

But all good things must come to an end and when my thyroid swelled up so large that I could no longer eat without fear of choking to death, I decided it was time to find someone to at least do the blood work and order a biopsy to make sure the little malfunctioning bugger hadn’t turned cancerous on me.

Of course I had to have a complete physical – it’s required of all new patients. What a racket. But, okay…I haven’t been in two years, and I AM 50 now, so I guess I’m alright with that.

And, by the way, I hate filling out health history forms for 15 minutes, only to have the doctor come in and start asking you the exact same questions you just answered on all those forms. Is it too hard for them to at least scan the form before talking to you? (And I also think some of those questions are none of their business – like my sexual history. I’ll discuss that with my gynecologist, thank you. I left lots of unanswered questions on the form; they didn’t seem to notice.)

So she did all the usual things and said, except for the thyroid thing, I was in great shape. She wants me to have a colonoscopy (yeah, we’ll see) and an ultrasound on my thyroid. They took lots of blood and I peed all over a cup in a cup and I’ll get those results on Monday.

But here’s the only thing that really pissed me off. I get done with all that and go to pay and the receptionist says, “oh, the doctor wanted you to have these referrals,” and she hands me a business card for a gastroenterologist (for the colonoscopy), which I quickly dropped to the bottom of my purse, and two business cards for general surgeons.

General surgeons? WTF? I asked what those were for and the receptionist was also puzzled. She tried to call the doctor who was with another patient so I didn’t get an answer on that. Don’t you think if she thought I needed a referral to a general surgeon she would at least discuss it with me? I’m guessing she’s jumping the gun and assuming the thyroid has to come out. Without even seeing the results of the blood test or the ultrasound.

So, yeah. Not overly impressed with this doctor, either. But she did give me the prescription I asked for - Retin-A for my huge pores and overall aging skin. Made the visit all worth it, in my opinion.

The search for a competent doctor continues. Next stop (after all test results are in): The University of Michigan Medical Center.

And how was YOUR week?


Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me laugh out loud-literally! "whack-a-mole" is true and yes, I had that problem! when my computer automatically upgraded to pathetic Explorer 8, I had that problem consistently. I finally downloaded Firefox. I don't go to the doctor either for about the same reason. Every time I have a problem they test my blood then when nothing comes up, well, it must be depression (translation: it's in my head!) so, I feel your pain. good luck on your quest for a good doctor!

BetteJo said...

I really like my doctor. He says his wife says he's an asshole and for the most part he's a smartass. I like him. :) Oh and as for all those windows? Sounds like a virus to me.

Cyndi said...

I am totally sympathetic. I have gone to the same practice for about 10 years and had at least 6 primary care physicians. I see a doc once, and within 3 months get a letter announcing they are leaving the practice. I'm starting to get a complex. I'm hoping she just gave someone else's referrals to you. Stay healthy till October. ;)

Stephanie said...

Hi--I'm a nurse and I can tell you that yes there are alot of crappy docs out there, but there are also many good ones. I hope you're able to find a good one. That's ridiculous that she didn't even discuss the referrals with you. Are you taking synthroid or anything? I hate to tell you, but yes, theres a good chance they're going to want to take it out. I'm sure you're t2,t4 and tsh are all kinds of out of whack if it's as big as you say. Did you ever see and enocrinologist for your thyroid issues? Sometimes specialists are alot better at "fixing" things, but not always. Best of luck!

The Rambler said...

I've had my slew of problems with my computer. Thank goodness that's over. Now if I could just get my butt back to the doc to get my physical...:)

Fat[free]Me said...

I had the same problem with the IE8 opening many windows. I found it to be just one or two blogs and I just don't visit them any more. I think it is something in one of the many ads they had anyway. I am sure they don't care if I don't visit any more. I switched to Safari for a while, but am back to IE8 now the problem has gone. It wasn't a virus.

Bleddy hate doctors too - waste of time more often than not and I hate waiting in the waiting rooms full of sick people, probably giving me some other illness, lol!

Tammy Howard said...

I just said to the hubs yesterday, I said, "I'm falling apart here. But I'm not gonna call the doctor. Because he'll just tell me I'm fat."

I go to several specialists, but I avoid general doctors like the plague.


Theresa said...

Dang Thyroid... I had trouble with mine but it got corrected with medicine! Hope all will be fine! I am 55 and had a colonoscopy at 50,really not that bad. Take care! I have the "poke a mole" window problem occasionally. It is annoying. Happy Sunday!

Sheryl said...

I too have thyroid problems. It took a lot a diagnosing. I didn't get my answers until I saw an endocrinologist (specializes in glands). We have a great one here where I live.

Found out my problem was not my thyroid itself but a side effect of another problem.

The only way to take care of it was to kill of the thyroid gland. The tech at the hospital that calculated the amount of meds to kill it off screwed up so I still have partial function. We are working with that, the dr doesn't want to finish killing it off unless the other problem comes out of remission and starts the thyroid up again.

Good Luck, I have found that your thyroid effects many, many parts of our system and how we feel and look. I hope you can get things under control soon.

abogada2 said...

Sorry to hear about your continuing problems. I got my surgical referral for my gallbladder by calling the receptionist after waiting forever to hear about the results of my ultasound. But don't you worry - with the changes proposed to health care, you'll get to wait years before getting crappy advice, at which point they could decide that you're too old to get it fixed anyway. Looking forward to those death talks too.

Firefox is better, but you probably have a virus.

Camevil said...

I was resistant to firefox for the longest time, but now I can say it's way preferable to explorer. I also use the thunderbird email program. It's the bees knees. Sadly, though, some websites are not compatible with firefox. Grrrr

I can never pee right into a cup. I'm thinking about buying the She Pee that they sell in the U.K. Would come in handy on camping & road trips, too.

Hope this doctor helps you resolve the thyroid issues. And don't panic (yet) about whatever might be found in the colonoscopy. Seems everyone is a polyp carrier these days. *gulps*

Patty said...

I have had the same issue but only with blogs, no other web pages. And I actually had the issue more before I moved from IE7 to IE8. So I think it is a blogger issue, but it could be a virus. If so, it got past my virus protection.

I have been thinking of you and wondering if you had seen the doc yet. I know there must be some good doctors out there, but they sure seem hard to find from what I hear...I gave up a long time ago.

Fruitful Vine2 said...

My husband made the switch to Firefox some time aback and I'm glad he did. It's been a whole lot smoother sailing than IE.

So sorry about your health challenge. What is it with unprofessional people? I pray that the Lord leads you to the right people with the answers to help you.

VRaz60 said...

I'm pretty sure that IE was responsible for my computer woes a few months back. After I had it "cleaned up" and re-started, the tech recommended I use something other than IE. I've been using Firefox ever since. Seems to work just fine and dandy. Altho' the IE people would have you believe that Firefox is not as resistant to viruses as IE, I think the opposite may be true.

Hope you get your thyroid problem diagnosed properly and the get it under control. I can only imagine how miserable it must be for you.

Brandy said...

I had that same irritating crap happening with IE; I don't know why & I don't know why it stopped but it did. Thank GOD. Because I don't really like FF. I'm a creature of habit and FF is just not comfortable for me.

My doc does the same crap with the form...it's such a waste of time to even fill it out. Next time I'm going to put bogus anwers on there and see if anyone catches that my left toe has a flower growing out of it.

I hope your test results come back okay!

Housewife Savant said...

Before I even READ the entire post I'm commenting.
I've had that Whack a Mole crap.
I have no solution, unless you count hitting the OFF switch on the power strip and shutting EVERYTHING down.
Now to bask in your brilliance... (er, read)

Housewife Savant said...

You are brilliant, if brilliance is what it takes to recognize the absurdity of this doc's referral method.

Don't give up. Get that thyroid managed.

Next post...how retin-A helps...