Flashback 2006: The plan comes together

Friday, July 18, 2008

Throughout the first six months of 2006, Mrs. Jelly Belly diligently followed the Weight Watchers plan. She attended meetings, she counted points, she read up on nutrition, she planned and planned and planned some more.

She went out to eat exactly once in six months and brown-bagged it to work every single day. She bought cookbooks and collected recipes by the thousands from the internet. She was a healthy-cooking fool. She ate vegetables and fish and enough chicken to feed a small country.

And she lost weight.

She read more on nutrition and resolved that refined sugar and white flour would never pass her lips. And it didn’t. And she ate more vegetables and more fish and the chicken just kept on comin’. She even went so far as to begin exercising.

And she lost more weight. Friends and relatives ooh-ed and ah-ed. Her jeans, previously a chafing size 12, were now a very comfortable and thrilling size 4. Her stomach was flat and none of her clothes were too tight. She bought new underwear – and not one single item involved fat-smooshing spandex.

She reached her goal weight and made Weight Watchers Lifetime status in June, 2006. Ah, yes…life was good.

Maintenance weight: 122