Confession: I am a food gawker

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I must confess. I have been spending an inordinate amount of time looking at food. Not real food. Pictures of food. Have you been to the Food Gawker site? If you haven’t yet discovered this particular addiction, prepare to be enabled.

Is it wrong that I just spent a full hour of my employer’s time (Oh dear Lord – Crab Macaroni and Cheese) browsing pictures of food like some women might browse for shoes? It’s like a guilty little internet secret. Like a porn addiction – only for the food-obsessed.

I heard a comedian say once that she viewed recipes much like she viewed science fiction: She reads it all the way to the end and then says, “Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen”. (Sweet mother of mercy – Devil’s Food Cheesecake!) That’s kind of how I feel looking at this site. I will probably never make more than one or two of the recipes. But damn! I just can’t stop looking at all the glorious, beautifully photographed food.

I’m sure the recipes aren’t all low calorie, (Oh my word! – Squash Ravioli With Sage Brown Butter) but when you’re just gawking, it’s calorie-free. And you can’t go wrong with that. But if I had someone around who would prepare any or all of these foods for me, I would JUST BE FAT - and be so freaking happy about it, you could not believe.

Should you wish to go beyond the picture and look at the actual recipe, just click on the picture and be taken to the food blog where it was originally posted. Or scroll down to the bottom of the main page (Oh my heavens – Yogurt Cake With Tart Cherries) and search by categories. So you CAN actually use this as a cooking resource. If you’re not a foodophile, deriving a twisted pleasure from gawking lasciviously at someone’s innocent food pictures.

Photo Credit: Northwest Noshings


Cyndi said...

I am SO telling your boss. Crab mac & cheese? Who invented that...Satan?

midlife mommy said...

Seriously -- how do you stay so skinny? I'm certain that I gained a pound just looking at that stuff. Ugh.