Understanding labels: How much is a gram?

Monday, January 5, 2009

When reading the ingredients label of your foods, trying to ascertain the exact amount of sugar in the product, do you really understand what you’re looking at? I was always confused by grams, not knowing exactly how that related to my everyday non-metric life. So about a year ago, I looked it up and it’s made it easier to understand. And frightening.

Four grams of sugar is roughly equivalent to one teaspoon.

So that Orange Julius Pina Colada Smoothie that I foolishly ingested last week? I looked it up, and a 20 ounce serving contains 560 calories and a shocking 93 grams of sugar. And, I shouldn’t admit this, but the one I had just may have been 32 ounces. Oink, oink.

Okay. To get an idea of how much sugar I swallowed that day, picture me standing at my kitchen counter with my sugar bowl and a nice cup of tea and counting out almost 25 teaspoons worth of sugar and plopping it in there. And then DRINKING it. That’s disgusting, right? But we routinely do that kind of thing all the time and don't even think about it.

Read your labels, kids. You might just figure out where some of that extra weight is coming from!


MizFit said...

and for some reason the sugar still trips me up.



Cyndi said...

That is pretty horrifying. Last summer I fell in love with Taco Bell's Mango Strawberry Frutista, a frozen drink. The romance ended when I looked up the nutritional info...a whopping 59 grams of sugar.

Jean said...

Oh my - 59 grams? That's my granddaughter's favorite drink. Scary.

Loralea said...

Thanks for putting it into perspective. This makes reading the nutrition labels much easier!

Turns out my "healthy" yogurt choice is more loaded with sugar than I thought.

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