Tuesday Tidbits: Adding moisture to lean meats

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trying to reduce fat by eating ground turkey or lean beef can sometimes leave you with a drier burger than you might like. Try these add-ins for your burgers, meatballs, or meat loaf:

Throw in some chopped up mushrooms (99% moisture) to really add some moisture to the meat.

Grated onion.

Shredded zucchini.

Sautéed carrots and celery.

My favorites are the mushrooms and the onion. While shredded zucchini, celery and carrots may work just fine, I’m too lazy. (Dang, I really need to buy a food processor.)


Camevil said...

I sometimes put onion in my burgers for both flavor and moisture. But I never thought about mushrooms before. Mushrooms AND onions in the burger....I likey. Maybe some shallots, too. *mmmmmm*

Sonia said...

Hello! I'm making my over from SITS and so far, I've enjoy your blog :)

I'm with you on the shrooms and onions...I love to add them to all my meats!

I'll be keeping watch too to see how the SENSA stuff works, I guess we're all looking forward to a miracle!

BTW...Mrs. Jelly Belly, I live like two miles from the Jelly Belly Factory and I learned that each Jelly Belly only has 4 calories. However, when you consume about 20 pounds of Jelly Belly's 4 calories doesn't mean a thing!

Brandy said...

I've used onions before but since I hate mushrooms I'll skip those. I also like to add a little worchestire sauce - I don't know if it improves the moisture but it sure does taste good!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Mushrooms AND onions are the best. If you like mushrooms! And why have I never tried Worcestershire sauce? Good idea.

Jelly Belly's are only 4 calories each? So I can eat them now without guilt? Eh, probably not. I totally hear ya on the 20 pounds thing.

Bonnie said...

I love the vegetable idea (except for onions which I don't really like). And a goood way to get some more veggies in!

Anonymous said...

I love mushrooms!!! I could add any of that and the husband wouldn't know. Then I could tell him "HA! I finally got you to eat your vegetables!"

Stopping by to say hello to a fellow Welcomista!

capperson said...

Lol here in south ga summer comes so fast or it atleast seems like it. People are wearing shorts and tank tops right now as we speak. Haha. I like the heat though cause I freeze when its cold, plus I'm a bright colors kinda girl and I love spring and summer colors!!!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I usually put onions in my burgers, but hadn't thought of shredded zucchini. I bet that would be good!

Small House said...

Hey, thanks for the tip. I've just recently started to like mushrooms. (I know, dork) I'm going to try onions and mushrooms with ground turkey. The family won't know what hit em. YUM!
Have a great day.

Kas said...

Thanks for the tips! I've been trying to work ground turkey into our meals!