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Friday, April 17, 2009

It’s no big secret that I’m addicted to kitchen gadgets. I love them. The minute I see them, I wonder how I will continue to function if I don’t buy it RIGHT NOW. This is why QVC loves me, I think. Anyway, here are a few things I found this week that I never even knew existed - but now I don’t know how I will live without them.

A cutting board is a cutting board, right? Oh, not so, my friend. Look at this Index Chopping Board, a super-cool set of four color-coded boards designed to avoid cross-contamination of food – red for raw meat, white for cooked foods, blue for fish and green for vegetables. That’s nice and all, but just look at the fun presentation:

I hate using a measuring spoon for oil, so I need this Press and Measure Bottle. Just give it a squeeze and get an exact measurement of oils, salad dressings, soy sauce, whatever:

And, speaking of perfect measuring, this looks a lot easier for perfect pasta portions than pulling out the food scale:
If you like ice cream (and, really, who doesn’t?), how about this Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Server? Jam it into some rock-hard ice cream and pull out a lovely cylinder of yumminess. I’ll bet you could find lots of other foods you could use this for, as well.
I love shish kebab. And I REALLY love grilled vegetables. But I’m too lazy for all that skewer threading crap, so these Kabob Baskets for the grill have my name all over them:

Collecting recipes is something of a hobby for me. I tear them out of magazines and print them off from the internet and write down ideas I don’t want to forget. As a result, I end up with a huge, disorganized pile of recipes that are never going to be made. I finally organized them in a large 3-ring binder, using full-sized page protectors, but this Clipped Recipes Book is much prettier than mine:

And speaking of recipe organization, I am So Excited about this product, I am about to wet my pants. Combining my love of recipes with my love for gadgets and my obsession with the Amazon Kindle, the Demy Electronic Recipe Reader is something I don’t really need, but oh boy, am I ever coveting. Available to preorder on Amazon right now, at $299 it is making me pray for a complete economic recovery by May.

And, just for fun, how about some pants for your eggs?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


MizFit said...

Its sad or at least odd that I adore the gadgets too!
Yet Im not a kitchen woman really. I get in and get out as healthily as I can unlike so many of my friends who find that kitchen puttering relaxes them.

Perhaps if I had me more gadgets...

Housewife Savant said...

I love a Friday post at JB.
Researching gadget treasures would take me all week. I'd never come up with stuff as cool as yourn, but in the spirit of blogging I'd ignore home and family to get it done, if it were my "thing."
I know you have our backs and will never let us down.
I love a Friday post at JB.
The Darlings grill a lot. SIL threads kabobs and even grills mushrooms ON THE GRATE. What a chore.
The kabob baskets would be great for him.
Happy Friday!

Bernadette said...

What fun finds! Even though I'm excited to move, I'm bummed I'll have to give up all my favorite kitchen "toys" in my tiny studio kitchen!

Have a great Friday!

Theresa said...

Gotta have some of these gadgets!!! Thanks for the informercial:) Have a great day!!!

Lisa said...

I love that olive oil gadget and the ice cream gadget!

I have one of those measuring things for spaghetti though and I have two issues with it: It's not quite as easy to use as that picture appears - dry spaghetti always has a mind of its own when its in my hands! Secondly, I think the portions it suggests usually end up being really really small. But then you don't know that until it's cooked and who wants to make a second batch of spaghetti?

Michelle said...

I am such a gadget nut (yet another reason we get along so well!) My checkbook hates these posts! But I love them!

Shelley said...

I have the kebab baskets and LOVE them - I just cram a whole bunch of veggies in and set them on the grill and BAM! Yummy, easy meal!

That ice cream scoop reminds me of Thrifty drug stores - they used to serve ice cream shaped like that. And I swear, it was something like a nickel a scoop (I'm not THAT old - it really was cheap!).

WhisperingWriter said...

Okay, I need ALL those things.

That cutting board is awesome. Even though I'm an awful cook it would be fun to have something like that.

And that ice cream thing would come in handy. I usually scoop out ice cream with a spoon--and now most of our spoons are bent because I do this. Oops.

Oz Girl said...

I love the kebab thingie too, that's a great idea!

And I have that exact recipe binder. Yessiree I do. I bought that quite a few years ago, and I even bought an extra sheaf of pages. You'll never guess what has happened.... I stuff my printed internet recipes into the pockets for each category, I stuff my torn-out magazine recipes into the pockets or behind the photo-type pages. Ah well, they don't tell you that YOU have to organize your own recipes.

You've given me an idea. Maybe I'll actually, finally organize my recipes since I have the most correct binder to do so. Or maybe not. Just thinking about it... for a minute. I'm done! :)

(As I blog at this moment, I have a few recipes sitting here on my computer desk, just printed in the last few days off the internet....)

Julie said...

I'm loving the shish-k-bob basket. I'm not much into sticking those things on the skewer either...I usually end up hurting myself.

Ree said...

I love the egg cup! So cute.

kristisummer said...

I love the idea of gadgets, but I need to get better in the kitchen first. baby steps, but you push me to be better with these fun little gadgets I especially like the vodoo thing you posted a few weeks ago. Have a great weekend :)

Tammy Howard said...

Cutting boards? Awesome!

Shish Kebab basket? Awesome!

Electronic Recipe Reader? Way awesome!!! I do not share your love of the kindle, it's just not how I like to read (old dog, new tricks, blah blah blah) but as a way to organize recipes and ALWAYS HAVE THEM WITH YOU - at the grocery store - when visiting relatives... Oh HECK yeah!!!

Lora said...

I almost wish I hadn't read this...because it's fueling my love for all things kitchen. Oh my...

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Karen Brown Letarte said...

Ooooooooooo!! Gadgets-- I love 'em!! The oil measuring thing is really cool! I am drooling over an eletronic kitchen scale for baking these days. But I must say, I am totally intrigued by the Demy Electronic Recipe Reader. Why can't the Kindle do this-- I've started putting my recipes on Key Ingredient, and if the Kindle could do all this, I would totally buy one (for myself. I already got DC one.)

OrgJunkie posted recently about the Scanalog for recipe clippings--- at $50, you may be interested. It also handles other household papers.

Bonnie said...

Love the shish-ka-bob-er! Need those for dinner this weekend!