Keeping it all in black and white

Monday, July 28, 2008

Over the last few months there are many good habits that I’ve let fall by the wayside and I’m slowly working on getting them back. One of these is journaling.

Writing down everything you have eaten for the day not only helps to keep you accountable, but it can be a great resource if you feel your progress is not what it should be. Looking back at what you’ve eaten over the last week or two can usually pinpoint where your problem lies.

When I first started with Weight Watchers, I thought journaling was a rather large pain in the ass, but I did it because I was determined to do everything exactly as I was told to do it. It didn’t take long for it to become a habit – and one that I actually kind of enjoyed.

Oh, I was a great journaler. Not only did I journal it, I journaled it in advance. I planned everything I was going to eat for the week, including snacks, did my grocery shopping and then recorded it. I then only needed to review and tweak where necessary.

So my “back on track” goal for this week is to once again start recording every single thing I eat. Now I only hope I can find my journal.