Cauliflower Madness

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have gone cuckoo for cauliflower – thanks to that low-carb goddess (and my new heroine), Cleochatra, over at The Lighter Side of Low Carb.

Who knew cauliflower was such a versatile vegetable? I have become totally addicted to the Cauliflower Crust Pizza, which I first talked about here, and have had it about four times since then. I even made up a batch and took it to work for some interested parties, among them a diabetic, a woman with Celiac’s disease, a low-carber and various other people interested in a lower calorie alternative to pizza.

They all LOVED it. Of course, Mr. Jelly Belly says they did not love it; they were simply being polite. He is wrong. And a vegetable ignoramus. They did love it and were, in fact, practically knocking each other over to get at the last piece. It’s just that good.

Last night I made the “I Can’t Believe They’re Cauliflower Breadsticks” and they were also delish. I couldn’t believe how bread-like the texture was. I only wish I would have had some marinara sauce. Note to self: Buy marinara. And more cauliflower.

I’m still on the prowl for zucchini. It doesn’t seem fiscally responsible to actually spend money on the stuff at this time of year, but I am dying to try the Zucchini Doritos. It never hurts to be obsessed with more than one vegetable at a time, right?